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Lottery Statistic Analyser V6.0 (Win 7, Win 8)

LSA Windows 7 and Windows 8 users (Release 17th Jan 2013)

Lottery Statistic Analyser (LSA XP Edition) V6.0

LSA Windows XP users

LSA V6 Help File

LSA's help manual.

LSA wheels MNA's Help File 1MB

LSA's wheels manual.

LSA Installation Guide

Detailed step by step installation guide..

Lotto Selector Downloads

(New) Lotto Selector Download (XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8) Read More

Lotto Selector UK V1 (2.02 MB)

A new quick pick lotto tool for the UK lotto and Euro Millions 

Lotto Selector Manual (731Kb)

Lotto selector help and information file.

Independent virus check (Scans files periodically and creates report)


There are two versions of LSA, you should download the version that matches your operating system.

What's New in V6

The Engine

: LSA supports over 100 draws worldwide, and can analyse each and every combination within each draw.

: Calculate odds beyond that of conventional software

: Produce advanced statistics and detailed graphical reports

: Statistics are based on every combination within a draw and can be compared to past history.

LSA now uses every possible combination in a draw to make its calculations which produce an accurate and repeatable statistical reference point (Global Reference point).

When a user has LSA examine past draw results LSA can reference the global reference point and find the best numbers giving the user the greatest statistics advantage. LSA also produces many interesting and more importantly statistically accurate reports on the draw using such findings.



The above analysis approach has never been done in commercially available software due to the shear number of calculations involved, using conventional software to make such calculations would take weeks on the end users PC's to complete, by then the draw would have past. LSA's new math engine allows massive data calculations to be calculated in a few milliseconds. Whys this important, simple, LSA can provide real odds, statistically best numbers are the most likely to appear and always will be.


Where do we start. V6 offers the best wheels on earth period. See the Wheels page for a completely new approach to playing wheels. V6 comes with a wheel system that consistently provides the user with up to 40% better odds of a win than using the same number of tickets and a traditional reduced wheel.

Predictions using Regression analysis

A very powerful prediction algorithm has been implemented in V6 that predicts each number based on linear weighted regressions of past draws. Using this information along with the draws global reference data the calculations LSA provides are some of the most advance lottery statistics and lottery projections available today.

Much improved Draw Management system in v6

LSA has a completely new draw management system making managing draw database much simpler than before.

Live Update

LSA's live update feature has been rewrote and will now receive draw updates, help file updates and system updates all in the one system.


LSA has had much time spent on upgrading the interactive graphs. I am sure you will like the modern look and feel of these new graphs, click an image below to see a few examples of the new graphs.

Combinations Plug-in Update: Windows XP only:
When loading the combinations generator under Windows XP an error can occur.
Fix: Please download the, unzip and replace the combinations.exe file in LSA's  installation directory.

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